Forrest Fahrenheit

A vengeful spirit hell-bent on solving his murder, and making everyone else feel bad about it.


Forest, son of Ashley and Marie Fahrenheit, is a student of CL-high that drowned in the lake in what he believes is a secret ritual of a cult based in Crystal lake. Seems like nobody remembers much of him(most of the people, anyway). He was a popular kid but now he is pretty much invisible.

His Murder sacrifice was seen by Leyke, but since she promised not to interfere, she could do nothing to prevent it.


“You can fool me no longer. I’m on to you! I know that you know, and I know that it’s ALL your fault. You took away everything from me, but I won’t flee. I will stay in this miserable town to haunt you, and to make you pay for everything you’ve done!”

Forrest Fahrenheit

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