Leyke Waterford

A Fae on a mission, she'll take you for your word. Hard.


Leyke (or in her faekind name _smá fjólublátt ung kona barn) is a Fae of Faekind, daughter of the faerie King, Known as King Sul, the Wyld King (yes, he has 2 kings in his name).

Leyke came to this strange new world to prepare it for the fae’s imminent invasion, she believe.

Although she is coming to like some of those strange human creatures, and this beautiful strange world.

Leyke’s “Pretend” human parents are a nice couple named Amanda and Chris Watorford.
They are both currently under a spell cast by King Sul since they promised to take care of Leyke no matter what, and father, like daughter, take promises very seriously.

She is also a student of CL-High.


Leyke Waterford

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