The Ghoul

Death changed you. It took away
your contemplative joy, it dulled your
senses, and it left you impossibly
hungry. That hunger is always with
you, like a hum in your ears that
swells and crescendos until you can’t
hear anything else. Unattended, it will
come to dominate you – but feeding it
may be just as bad.
There is a certain beauty to what
you’ve become. Your gaunt body, its
unnatural form – it draws people in.
Your stark disinterest seems exotic.
But underneath that disaffected
presentation – the hunger, the hunger

Playing The Ghoul

Cold, unwavering, hungry. The ghoul
died, and came back with dulled
emotions and a hunger for human
flesh. The ghoul benefits from being
disaffected and malicious.
The Hunger gives you an option:
you can crave human flesh, like a
standard zombie, or you can crave
something a little bit more subtle.
It’s important that whatever your
Hunger is, satiating it is scary and
messy. Surprising someone and saying
“boo!” won’t fulfil your Hunger for
Fear. You need to terrorize people, and
make them afraid to walk home alone
at night. If your Hunger is for Flesh,
then a steak from the supermarket
won’t do. Or it’ll do, but you require
pounds and pounds of steak every
day. Whatever the specifics, Hungers
should be a big and difficult struggle
for your character to deal with.
Short Rest for the Wicked gives the MC
a chance to frame you into freaky,
unexpected situations. Choosing to die
and then return to life is like saying,
“Alright, MC, hit me. I can take it.”
Savour the pandemonium.
Watchful Golem allows you to add a
gentle side to your character without
disrupting the unnerving sociopath
image that The Ghoul readily cultivates.

Sex Move

When you have sex with someone, add
“having sex with [this person]” as an
additional Hunger. If you already have
this Hunger, mark experience.

Darkest Self

You will maim, kill and destroy
anything in between you and the
nearest object of your hunger. You
will feed relentlessly. You escape your
Darkest Self when someone restrains
you or fends you off for long enough
for you to regain your composure – at
least thirty or forty minutes.

The Ghoul

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