The Fae

At the edges of this world, just
beyond the veil, there are colours
that few mortals even dream of.
Beauty enough to shatter any
heart. The Fae live and breathe at
the edges of this world. They keep
a dusting of that magic tucked
behind their ears, just in case.
And the Fae are willing to share.
They’re nothing if not generous,
asking for only one thing in
return. A promise. Keep it, and
the true beauty of the world will
be revealed. Break it, and feel the
wrath of faery vengeance.

Playing The Fae

Alluring, exotic, fickle, vengeful. The
Fae is all about extracting promises,
and wielding faerie vengeance when
those promises are broken.

The Fae are hot and hard to resist.
They use those attributes to get
promises from people, and those
promises hold cosmic power. Their low
Cold and Volatile stats make it hard to
shut others down or keep them at bay.
Instead, they excel at getting close to

Faery Contract gives mechanical
weight to broken promises. You gain
Strings and new powers. Those new
String-spending options are assumed
to be magical in some way. You can
cause them to “fuck up something
simple at a crucial moment” just by
sitting on the bleachers and wishing
that they would. Your will seems to
manifest itself in the world.

Write down any promises you receive.
There’s no move that allows you to
force a promise out of someone, but
clever roleplaying and mechanical
incentives can help you here.

Beyond The Veil introduces the idea
of a Faery King. Choosing this move
prompts a number of questions: what
is faery society like? What forces do
you owe fealty to?

Your Darkest Self has a very ambiguous
“escape clause.” What is required to
re-balance the scales of justice will
be entirely situational. You and the
MC should both be in agreement that
things have been set right, before you
can escape yourself.

Sex Move

When you lie naked with another, you
can ask them for a promise. If they
refuse, take 2 Strings on them.

Darkest Self

Everything you say is a promise.
Everything you hear is a promise. If
a promise is broken, justice must be
wrought in blood. To escape your
Darkest Self, you must in some way
re-balance the scales of justice.

The Fae

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