The Ghost

Ghosty ghost.
You’re dead.

Playing The Ghost

Tormented, insecure, intuitive, fickle.
The ghost is all about channeling past
trauma, seeing people’s true selves,
and having spooky powers.

There are several different directions
to take The Ghost. The first is a callous
and dangerous spirit, using Unresolved
Trauma and Vengeful to vent your pain
upon the next generation. The second
is a voyeuristic and lonely spook,
forever trapped in a state of pubescent
tragedy. Creep and Hungry Ghost both
contribute here. The third is someone
trapped in a cycle of confused
self-haunting, vacillating between
Unresolved Trauma and Forgive and
Forget. Certainly other interpretations
are possible. The Ghost has a great
deal of emotional range to explore.

Other characters can remove the
blamed Condition in the same way
that they would remove any other

When you use Dissipate to escape a
scary or tense situation, it still counts
as running away.

The 7-9 options for Hungry Ghost
represent the dangerous side of being
someone’s shoulder-to-cry-on. They
might use your support in order to
regain their composure and wellness,
or they might use your empathy as a
tool to gain power over you.
The idea behind the House of Spooks
gang is that you reside within a
haunted house, or have somehow
banded together with the spirit
inhabitants of a haunted house.
Discuss with the MC the physical
limitations that your gang experiences,
as well as the amount of power they
have over those who enter the house.

Sex Move

When you have sex with someone,
you both get to ask a question of one
another’s characters. This can be
spoken by your character, or simply
asked player-to-player. The other person
must answer honestly and directly.

Darkest Self

You become invisible. No one can
see you, feel you, or hear your
voice. You can still affect inanimate
objects, but this is your only avenue
of communication. You escape
your Darkest Self when someone
acknowledges your presence, and
demonstrates how much they want
you around.

The Ghost

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