The Witch

In every lock of hair, every furtive
glance, every secret note that
transfers hands during history
class – there is an invitation. An
invitation to be fucked with. Not
that witchcraft is about fucking
with others, exactly, but it’s hard
not to notice how utterly malleable
the world is, once you know a
thing or two about magick.
Of course, a good witch like you
knows restraint. A good witch
turns a blind eye to all those
invitations, and doesn’t think
about how sweet vengeance
and control might be. A good
witch is above that sort of thing.
At least, most of the time.

Playing The Witch

Manipulative, secretive, judgmental,
brooding. The witch is all about casting
silent judgement, and powerful hexes,
from the safety of her own bedroom.

Sympathetic Tokens can be anything
personal – a lock of their hair, a note
they penned, their journal, or
lipstick that they lent you. These
are things that you’ll need to steal,
borrow, or otherwise scheme to get
your hands on.

It’s possible for someone to have
access to Hex-Casting without
Sympathetic Tokens (say, another Skin
takes the move through advancement).
In that case, the Hexes can only be
cast by chanting in tongues.

If you chose “the Hex has unexpected
side effects” from Hex-Casting, the
MC gets to determine what those side
effects are.

With the Hex Illusions, you chose which
type of illusions the hexed sees, but the
MC gets to describe the specific visions
and the reactions of the hexed.

Sex Move

After sex, you can take a sympathetic
token from them. They know about it,
and it’s cool.

Darkest Self

The time for subtlety and patience is
over. You’re too powerful to put up
with their garbage any longer. You hex
anyone who slights you. All of your
hexes have unexpected side effects,
and are more effective than you are
comfortable with. To escape your
Darkest Self, you must offer peace to
the one you have hurt the most.

The Witch

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